Divine Love Removes Fear

prayer for week of Nov 30

O God, as December begins this week, our world is anything but festive.

Paris attacked, abortion clinic under siege, and political rhetoric scaring residents across the world, it seems fear and mistrust abound. Yet, here we are entering a month of the year when focusing on family, giving and believing in the goodness of others, and declaring hope in humanity should be the order of the day. Today, it is difficult for many of us to experience such hope.

Help us to believe this is not a time to allow fear and mistrust to override the the great potential that lies within us. Rather, we have the opportunity to call forth our greatest potential and faith in the goodness of humanity by believing we can create a better day and world, by living our values. May this week and month of compassion and giving be a reminder that we need each other, in our neighborhoods, communities, state and nation. We are a global community where the behavior of one influences all. May our behaviors influence others to hope, believe in possibility and the gift of Divine love that can over come any fear.

In our faith, Al