Prayer For Thanksgiving Week 2015

prayer for week of Nov 23

Oh God, amidst tragedy in Paris, the Middle East and within our national borders: we come.

Amidst injustice toward minor populations who have no voice, we come. For the elderly who feel abandoned we come. With sickness within our families and our own bodies, we come. For the person who feels alone and isolated today, we lift them to you. For that one in our prisons today who feels misunderstood and abandoned, we come. The young and elderly who wonder how they will survive another day, we come. We come because we know that with your presence we can bear any hardship that befalls a nation, a family, or a person. We come because we know that your presence can lift a person in despair to new hope. Your peace can calm turmoil and pain, found in a nation, a state, a family, or an individual heart.

In our individual humanity we bow before you. When fear of national and personal security dominate our individual lives we bow before you knowing that your "perfect peace casts out all fear". On this Thanksgiving, as our families unite from across the nation, we pray for an absence of fear. As we gather may gratitude rule our lives and may that gratitude cause every heart to soar in praise and hope.