Then There is God

prayer for week of Nov 2

As we start a new day and week may we intentionally pause to be grateful that we do not need to enter it alone. Most all faith and spiritual practices remind us that when we experience our limitations: then there is God. When we feel apprehensive and fearful, there is God. When we stress over the anxiety of unpaid bills, fuel costs, rent payments, in those moments, there is God. When there is a decision that must be made, there in the midst of it, is God.

O God we thank you for the gifts of an inquiring mind; strength of endurance; the ability to do hard work; determination; and learned skills that make our lives rich and productive. But, today, perchance, if one of us feels that we are simply not up to the task of optimism, may Your presence abide with them. Help each of us to recall and remember that any circumstance of life has a different trajectory when You are included.

We pray your blessing on each member of our VOA family today and this week. May Divine love unite us. May we draw strength from each other. May we laugh heartily in community. May we sense the gifts of unity and compassion so evident within our VOA family that we know deep within all will be well with us today, and every day.