We Are a Global Community​

prayer for week of Nov 16

Oh God, we pause from our daily routines and weekly plans to remember others.

As suffering people in Paris, the Middle East and around the globe cry out for help and support we intentionally pause to join our hearts and spirits as one. For today we focus not on ourselves but the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and children who must live with the sudden death and loss of those they love. As they feel devastated, alone, forgotten and confused we pray Your presence will strengthen. Help us to see that when one suffers, so do we all. While we cannot understand the cruelty of humanity, we do know much of love, compassion and lending a helping hand. We know much about the power of a hug, kind words, sitting with others in their pain and offering prayer to remember and unite our hearts as one global community,

We pray for peace. We pray for a renewed respect for human life. We pray for the strength to love in a world that is sometimes violent, cruel and impossible to understand. We pray that national leaders will call upon You for wisdom and guidance during a very uncertain and fearful time in our world.

On this Monday morning, as we begin to go about our week, may our minds be stayed on You. We pray that Your presence will abide with our global community. We bow in humility, seeking Your guidance in how our nations, states and individuals will respond in the midst of loss and pain.