Choosing Well

prayer for the week

Screen_Shot_2016-11-01_at_11.48.22_AM.pngChoosing Well

O God, thank you for the gift of another day, another week, to rise and embrace life in all its wonder and mystery.

While we may awaken to darkness on this fall day, may the light that will soon rise be a reminder that we have the opportunity to see our day through a new lens.

Every day, we are provided with the challenge to choose. May we choose well today.

When others see despair, may we choose hope.

When others experience fear, may we be at peace.

When others are negative, may we be positive.

When others see lint, dust, litter may we see the divinity in the most insignificant events of life.

When others choose hate, may we choose love through our actions.

When others turn away, may we choose to embrace.

When others feel hopeless, may we offer our hand of friendship.

O God, this day, we choose to trust in Your divine love.


Rev. Al

Chaplain, VOANNE