Yes We Can!

prayer for our week from Chaplain Al Boyce

Yes, Yes, We Can!

With optimism and the audacity of hope we embrace this fall week. O God, as falling leaves remind us that change is constant and life goes on in ways we may not prefer, we offer praise because we have the human capacity to adjust and change.

With devastation and suffering in Puerto Rico, Texas, Lousiana, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada, we may feel that some circumstances in life are beyond us and there is nothing we can do.

At such times as these, may the words of President Obama heralded in 2008 sustain us: "Yes, we can!"

We are strong as individuals and a nation. With God's strength we can face any obstacle; any fear; any tragedy, together.

With our VOANNE mission before us; With our commitment to family, friends and ourselves we embrace this new day. As the sun rises again so does our "yes, we can!" attitude. O God we greet this day knowing we have all the strength we need. We embrace the day and each other with joy. "Yes, we can!"