‚ÄčA New Canvas

prayer for week of January 4, 2016

O God, as the Psalmist wrote:

"Who is man that thou art mindful of him?"

As we begin a fresh new year we do so with a sense of humility, and awe, at the fresh new days awaiting us. We are humbled, O God, knowing as did the Psalmist, that despite our human failings, You are mindful of us. As this new week, and this new year, begins we ask your blessing on each of us. May each of us begin this new year aware of Your presence which gives us courage and joy to face each new day.

We know the past is behind us. Our great accomplishments; Our deep losses; The regretted failures and joyous events are but past visions now. In this moment embark on the future, allowing our past not dictate who we are today, but allowing it to help shape the persons we will be this new year. We give our past year to You, O God, grateful for Your presence in the midst of our past successes, and sometimes,incredible failures. We ask that You make us better people because of them.

As this new year begins, we pray that the canvas of our lives will be touched by your Divine love. Create of us what you will. Give us courage to face the darkened corners, and celebrate openly of the bright beauty found in our lives. We bow in gratitude for the beautiful adventure before us this day. We bow knowing You know us better than we know ourselves, yet, you love us. We praise You this day.