prayer for our week

O God, as another mid-winter week dawns may we discover gratitude and acceptance within the VOA family.

Perhaps someone among us begins this week awake and worried about the seeming racial divide within our nation that seems present today. In the midst of that worry may they feel held and safe as part of our VOA family.

Perhaps, someone begin this week with regret; maybe a word spoken that cannot be retracted and they feel badly. May they feel accepted within the bonds of our beloved community of caring and labor and know we all fail and we can all change.

Perhaps someone begins this week struggling in a relationship with a family member and feel lost in how to best respond, may wisdom come, and may being in the presence of caring friends provide strength.

Perhaps, as we begin this new week many of us are feeling joyful at wonderful events that have developed these past days; may they feel our happiness for them as they embrace good news.

O God, as a family we come with worry, regret, struggle and joy. As we begin this new week remind us that we are stronger together and our VOA family is enriched by the presence of each member of our VOANNE family.


Rev. Al Boyce, Chaplain VOANNE