Taking Care of Ourselves

prayer for week of Jan 11

The Benefits of Rest

With hearts bowed we begin a new week longing to live our lives fully and with joy. O God, show us what nature can teach us, even in this harsh time of the year. May we, like nature, experience the benefit of resting time. As nature rests for the winter before the new burst of life in spring, help us to value the down time; the time to retreat, reflect and restore. May we sense your loving presence when we intentionally become aware of the need for self-care as it provides us fresh insight and approach to our daily lives.

The leaves have fallen. Snow covers much with a blanket of beauty reminding us that it is natural for all life to have time of withdrawal. Help each of us, O God, to create time for self-care. In doing so may we soon experience the fresh view of life, a can do attitude, a deeper understanding of ourselves and relationships with others at home and at work, all because we took time for intentional rest, reflection, quiet time.