Personal Growth

for the week of July 20, 2015


In finding our way into another week, O Great Mystery of Life, we bow before you, ever mindful that our finite humanity cannot comprehend Your great love and compassion for us.  We thank You for the gift of evolving. Help us to see that we need not be the same person we were, even yesterday.  With openness to evolve and become, we declare a joyous “yes” to life, knowing we do not have to be “stuck” in unhealthy habits, relationships, living situations and insecurities.  O God of grace and love, help us to see our lives as they are, know what we want to be different, and dare, with Your strength, to step into the unknown of doing life a bit differently.  With a desire to live in grace, we open our hearts, our minds and our whole being to your guidance and love.

May our lives this week, reflect your patience, understanding and peace in the midst of our evolving..