Meet Patricia

story and images by Michael Heiko, Photographer and Residential Counselor

Patricia Sawyer Street

Meet Patricia. She has been coming out of her shell the last few months here at Sawyer Street. She's always been very selective who she shares her time with, but lately she has been branching out and spending time with some of the other ladies here.

We think it is in part attributed to a new daily group we have here at Sawyer St. We hold a Wellness group every day at 10 AM. Patricia has never missed one! And she shows up without and prompting or encouragement.

The Wellness group is led by a team member who chooses how to run the group. Often, staff look toward the ladies for leadership and ideas on subjects that are important to them and allow them to lead a section.

Some favorite activities are meditation with music, exercise and stretching, and positive affirmations and stories.

This group has helped the ladies open up and learn more about one another. Patricia is a prime example of the success it has brought to everyone in the house.

We have been running the group since November 1, 2016. Patricia never misses a group.She is always willing to share and to listen, to laugh and to show respect.

She is one who has often been isolated in her room during her time at Sawyer St. And now she is a participating member of the household. She encourages others to hug and to express themselves, as well as taking charge of the group and promoting her ideas of wellness.

She seems so much happier than she was when she moved in. She's a part of the family now, and helping others to feel a sense of belonging.