Volunteers of America is a Church Without Walls

A Message from June Koegel, President/CEO

Volunteers of America is a church without walls.

For 120 years, we have answered God's call to transform lives by reaching and uplifting America's most vulnerable. We are the first to step forward, taking on the most crushing problems and we make a difference.

Our story is long and rich and widely unknown. But we aren't chasing fame or glory. Our lives are meant for service. For reaching out with mercy and compassion to those who thought they were beyond reach. We use our lives to make theirs better.

This is why we do what we do.

I hope you can take the time to read about the great work we are doing. Thank you to many of you who have volunteered or financially supported our work. You make it all possible. Together we can do great things, extend a hand of compassion and make the world a bit better, one person at a time.

June Koegel