Camp Changes Lives

Campers, Leaders, Volunteers, Parents: We all Benefit

Our Campers come from all over Maine, every county. Some of their stories are too personal to share.

They are stories of difficulty in school, financial strife, violence, trauma, divorce, or health challenges. 150 5th and 6th graders are referred every year by schools or police departments to participate in a free week at Summer Camp.

They are kids who need a safe and supportive environment, just to be kids: to catch a fish, build a birdhouse, or paddle a canoe.

They are kids who need adults in their lives that they can trust.

Camp POSTCARD, our week-long summer camp designed by Volunteers of America, partners with Law Enforcement leaders from across the state. The leaders volunteer their time as Camp Counselors to help our young Campers have a successful and memorable week.

The week children spend at Camp POSTCARD is a week they'll never forget. They don't have to worry about problems at school, or where their next meal will come from. They are surrounded with care and attention. They return to their homes and schools with increased self-esteem and a new understanding of those who serve in Maine's law enforcement arena.

We know this from the boxes of letters and messages we have received over the 24 years we've been holding Camp.

But it's not just the kids who learn something new – the volunteer officers return to their communities with a better understanding of the youth they work with, giving them the tools they need to communicate in a positive and reassuring way.

Camp week is transformative for all involved. Want to join us? Here's How!