Prayer for Mothering

prayer for our week

O God, we all need a mother's love in our lives.

Sometimes that love comes from a mother (birth mother, foster mother, step mother, adoptive mother). Sometimes the love comes from another mothering figure...a grandmother, a sister, a mentor, a friend.

Sometimes it comes from a Dad who is both mother and father. We pause to praise a Mothering kind of love today.

And sometimes, O God, we know relationships with mothers may not be loving if it was fraught with abuse and neglect and abandonment.

We know that Mother's Day can be more pain than celebration if our mother died at an early age or if we are still grieving a beloved mother's recent death.

O God we know Mother's day can be achingly sad if the feeling and associations evoked by the word "mother" are not the same for everyone.

And so we come honoring the places we are individually as we ponder this Mother's Day time of the year. May every member of our staff, and our residents, know they are loved, seen, and held in loving care.