We Are Here For Everyone

Twenty Days of Giving in Northern New England

Our Ministry Team is at your service. Chaplain Al Boyce travels statewide visiting programs and clients, providing bedside comfort to those who are not well, solace to those whose loved ones have passed, and prayers and counsel to those who need assistance or just a listening ear.

Our heritage is in the Christian faith, which opens our hearts to the needs of everyone, of all faith backgrounds and persuasions.

Whether you have a strong faith, no faith, or are uncertain of what you believe, we are available to bring the support you request at your time of need. Absolute confidentiality is observed with a gentle spirit.

Volunteers of America offers people a unique opportunity to put their faith into action. Working together with the help of our committed volunteer board members and volunteers, we can achieve our collective mission and make the world a more compassionate place to live.

With your help, we can continue our tradition of a vibrant ministry.

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