Margo Wood and Nancy Hutton, Literacy Angels

bringing free books to Camp for the kids

Literacy Angel

For months prior to June 20, Margo Wood, member of our Board of Directors and Literacy Angel, is out scouting for free or discounted books in the Portland area.

Some booksellers are unable to sell books that have any defects, no matter how slight. Sometimes, they simply throw them away. Margo shows up whenever she can to relieve booksellers of these perfectly good, brand new books. Many are the most recent publications.

This year at Camp, once again, she was joined in her quest by Nancy Hutton, former Cape Elizabeth School Principal.

Nancy and Margo have arranged the book giveaway at Camp POSTCARD for several years. This year, Margo's husband Wayne was also on hand to help out.

Every camper had the opportunity to take two books: one fiction/non-fiction book and one activity book (Klutz and others).

Children were thrilled to look at the hundreds of books available to them. Many immediately sat down and started to read.

The Book Giveaway at Camp POSTCARD is a labor of love for Margo Wood and her partner in rhyme Nancy Hutton. Margo spends many hours contacting her sources of books, driving to the stores, loading up her car, carrying boxes of books and then, finally, putting them out on the tables at Camp POSTCARD to give children this gift of reading.

Thank you, Margo Wood and Nancy Hutton, we and the campers are so grateful.