Loyal Leashes

Jessica, from Loyal Leashes, donates her time to come to Cabin in the Woods and teach Peanut’s owner, Tim, some dog training tips, and fun games, to play to keep a dogs mind busy inside the home! Sherry, who was also in attendance, donates her time comes 3 days a week to take Peanut on walks for Tim. She was able to take time off work to come by and be apart of the training session as well. 

Jessica worked on teaching Peanut not to jump on people, to come, to sit, and to find treats! They played some games such as “find it” with the treats, monkey in the middle to learn “come”, and a game to keep busy where treats are placed inside an egg carton and Peanut must learn how to get them out. She was also taught over, under, and through tactics as you can see with the hula hoop photo as she was learning to go through, and over the bottom of, the hoop. 

Jessica was here for about 2 hours and was an absolute joy to have. We all had a great time and she is thrilled to come to other VOA programs that house dogs and share her tips and tricks. She also will work with cats! 

For more information or to see Jessica's training videos, please visit the Loyal Leashes Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loyalleashes or email her at jessica@loyalleashes.com