We Are In The Love Business

Guided by faith with the talents of many

Our Northern New England Vision:

"Guided by faith, with the talents of many, in the spirit of compassion and collaboration, we will be innovative agents of social change, positively impacting lives."

Working with Dan, a resident of one of our behavioral health houses, is a joy. He is a brawny, but gentle man, of nearly 30-years who has studied and practiced Buddhism most of his life. He can often be heard privately chanting or seen meditating.

Being "guided by faith" in our approach to supporting our clients, wherever they are in their life journey, encourages our caregivers to allow spiritual paths for their clients, as well as more traditional treatments, toward more independent living.

We are a movement that cares for the whole person--body, mind and spirit. Our co-founder Ballington Booth said it well, "Our work is not all bread and shelter. The underprivileged, the weak and the unfortunate need more. They need sympathy, the warmth of fellowship, and the instilling of courage."

Our team works to kindle in Dan a belief in his own strength, and in his Buddhist practice. Although our roots are in the Christian Social Reform movement, our work is inclusive of all faiths. Our National President/CEO likes to say, "We are in the love business."

Dan has thrived in his residence, as he moves towards more independent living. And his spiritual practice has inspired everyone around him to reflect quietly from time to time, bringing a peaceful feeling to the entire house.

Compassionate caring in our programs truly is a collaborative process. Beginning with our generous donors and partners who provide essential financial resources; continuing with our skilled staff and their commitment to rigorous ongoing trainings; to our dedicated corps of kind and big-hearted volunteers, we build a continuum of care for each person who comes to us in need.

And sometimes the continuum expands to include each of us in surprising, wonderful ways.

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