Look Around

prayer for week of Feb 13

O God, when we are tempted to complain and despair about events of our lives, teach us the value of looking around.

When we feel life has not been fair, remind us we have not far to look before finding another who is far less fortunate.

Should someone feel abandoned and alone today, may they see the friendly smile, act of compassion, and genuine concern expressed by another they had not appreciated before today.

Teach us that by offering a hand of kindness to another, our own plight is greatly lessened.

As we begin another week, amidst the flurry of a winter blizzard, we appreciate the community experienced at VOANNE.

May we be kind with one another today. Remind us to be just a little more patient; and a random act of kindness can boost a weary spirit.

Together, together, we move forward.


Rev. Al Boyce, Chaplain