More JOY for Camp! Thanks, Mt Ararat!

Mt Ararat Students Vote to Fund Camp POSTCARD for the Second Year in a Row.

More JOY for Camp!

Mount Ararat students voted for the second year in a row to fund Camp POSTCARD, Volunteers of America's free week-long summer camp for 5th and 6th grade students.

Thanks to the generosity of the Unity Foundation, JMG programs throughout Maine are given $1,000 to donate to a local charity of their choosing that serves youth. Students spend several months during the school year reviewing grant proposals, interviewing nonprofit applicants, and finally making the difficult decision of choosing a recipient.

The goal of the JOY program is to teach the students about the critical role charities play in meeting overwhelming community needs, and to drive home the fact that community service includes hands-on work as well as thoughtful grant making and stewardship. Students are given $1000 to distribute to two programs ($500 each). Their vote determines the factor vote on how to distribute $1,000 (provided to by Unity Foundation to 40+ schools).

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