Here's What's Happening!

April 2015 and and announcements

Welcome to our New Employees

for March and April:

Karen Clarke, Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center; Corey DuBois, IRT North; Lacey Duplisea, IRT North; Robyn Goff, Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center; Paige Rollins, IRT North; Korey Staires, Mainenance Bayview; Brooke Smedburg, IRT North

Speaking of Employees, save the date for our Inspirational Fiesta, May 19th

We want to hear from YOU.

VOANNE is an incredible place to work...who/what inspires you? How do you inspire others?

Why do you come to work everyday? How do you get through a tough day?

Please send us a line or two we can read aloud (anonymously) at the Inspirational Fiesta. We'll make a display that will travel out to programs for folks that can't make it to the Fiesta. It will be part of our celebration for weeks and months to come.

Submit as many as you like, we will make them all available, anonymously, to everyone. Send ideas to

Many thanks from your Inspiration Committee Carmen Daigle, Susan Kennedy, Patty Olds

click to Watch the Video

of Penobscot River House Property Manager Ron Gastia, and Northern Maine Regional Reentry Center's Marjorie Earl and John Lingley Taking the Plunge (into the Penobscot River) for Special Olympics.

You three really are SuperHeroes!

Did you know you can help send kids to Camp just by enjoying your favorite beverage? Put the returnable container in a CLYNK bag (available at any Hannaford), put a Camp Sticker** on it and take it to any Hannaford. Last quarter alone we raised $116.

**Call 373-1140 or email Bill Browning ( for stickers, we can get them right out to you.

Goings On in the World of Community Engagement :

Yelp of Portland will bring 15 Yelp Helpers to Peaks Island on May 7 to build and improve gardens at Fay Garman House.

Maine Action Teams (from four high schools) will travel to Fenway Park to attend a Red Sox game as part of the Action Team Recognition Day, courtesy of Major League Baseball, Moody's Collision Center and Volunteers of America.

United Way of Greater Portland – Day of Caring at Bayview Heights – Wednesday, May 25. Employees of Key Bank will spend half the day beautifying the property.

United Way of York County – Day of Caring at Paul Hazelton Houses – Wednesday, June 1. 15-20 volunteers will help improve the property.

Rolling Thunder

10th Annual Ride

for the Veterans Homes

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print it out and post it!