Greetings From June

It is always exciting to me as the summer begins and we are in full swing for Camp POSTCARD, knowing that there are kids out there getting excited and nervous about leaving home for a week with a bunch of law enforcement professionals. I think the officers are just as excited to attend because they get to see old friends and because they know the difference they are making with these kids.

Summer is also a time when beautiful flowers are springing up and you find yourself thinking about life's possibilities and opportunities.

In this newsletter you will hear all about the great work being done in our Reentry Centers in Belfast and Bangor. They are creating opportunities for a new life for the men and women who have struggled through incarceration.

Maud Booth, one of our founders, spent much of her life advocating for services for prisoners – believing they could lead fulfilling and productive lives if given the right chance. She provided them with hope!

If you were to walk through one of ours Reentry Centers you would find that 120+ years later our Case Managers and Program Managers and Safety Officers are providing that same brand of hope with a lot of skill building, treatment and belief in the human spirit.

We do it through partnerships with local faith communities, the business community and our many social service partners – who provide a circle of support for these men and women. I encourage you to learn more about the work we are doing and consider volunteering at one of our programs. You will leave with more than you are able to offer because your heart will be filled.

In memory of Maud Booth we salute all the men and women who are working in our Reentry Programs – you are carrying on the tradition she started.

June Koegel