Higher Power

for the week of June 15, 2015


With awareness of a power much greater of ourselves, we begin this week.  O Divine, we are cognizant that we often think of your presence among us when new gather in religious, faith and spiritual community.  Today, this day, this week, may we have a growing awareness that You need not be in the intentional gatherings but in the dailiness of life.  When a family member, fellow employee, or friend expresses some little kindness toward us, be it in thought, verbal expression, or deed, may we all see You in that expression.  Help us to embrace those unconditional acts of love as Your caring toward us.  Help each of us this week, O God, to  be your instruments of love at home and at work.  Be it the labor of love in preparation for Camp Postcards, supporting a client in active mental illness/addiction or an ill resident, keep us mindful  that when we express love unconditionally that Your joy invades our hearts and our own challenges seem smaller.

May we, as just ordinary people, experience an extra-ordinary gift of Your presence as we journey into another week.  May every person we meet this week experience Your love through our words and deeds.  Help us to remember if we do our human best, the touch of Divinity can do the rest.