A Heartfelt Thank You

To Whom it may concern: 

I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate Dan G. He is really good to us, and he is a great worker. I have never seen anyone so ambitious to do his job and do it well. When there is a problem, no matter how small, we fill out a slip, and it hardly takes Dan anytime to come and fix it and fix it well. And there is more, he does not treat us like old people, it is more like he is our friend. He tells us jokes and makes us laugh, and he asks us if there is a problem and tells us to fill out a work order, and as I said before, he is at your door in no time. 

This past summer I had a problem with my smoke alarm making funny noises and blinking on and off. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I did not want to call the emergence help number and bother anyone but I thought that maybe it might go off and damage everything with water so I called. Within an hour Dan was at my door and fixed the problem. He was out on a lake fishing with his wife and having  good time but left to come right over. He also makes sure that the walkways are snow blown and cleaned so we feel safe. And those are only some of the reasons why I say Dan deserves praise from us on the Second floor of the Margaret Chase Smith House.

Regards, Dan A. Apt 213