God's Love Expressed in Action

prayer for our week by Reverend Al Boyce

O God, we know that talk is easier than action.

As a new week begins to unfold we pause to remember good deeds and dedicated lives can change the world, one person at a time.

Be it welcoming new residents at the Parish House, or opening our hearts and homes to needy family and friends, we experience the sense of joy in knowing we have given freely of our hearts and service.

O God, we savor the joy of unconditional love expressed by our hearts calling us to action. May we, in turn, remember that we are not alone in the universe, and that your unconditional love is available to us as well.

We pray for a deep settled peace within the lives of all our Volunteers Of America family today as we embark on another week of service to those we love and to those who depend up on us.

May we rise to greet this week in confidence and peace that all will be well.


Rev. Al Boyce, Chaplain