Our Faith Partners

they keep us thriving

Our Faith partners bring joy, spirit and often wonderful meals to our residents and clients.

They travel to nearly every corner we serve, and arrive with smiles, food, games, garden tools and craft supplies. They are patient and attentive listeners.

They foster vital social connections for people who have lost loved ones and feel alone, or those in search of a sense of belonging.

Here are a few of our partners around Maine:

First Parish Church in Saco and Next Level Church in Saco alternate months preparing and serving delicious and nutritious community meals for residents of the Paul Hazelton Houses every month.

These kind and generous angels appear on Sunday mornings to make a community meal and visit with residents.

In the summertime, the Next Level Church members also work to improve the grounds around the buildings, in the gardens and doing minor repairs.

They've been reaching out to the Paul Hazelton Houses for more than two years, and have become part of our family. The children are a special delight, and very hard workers!

Searsmont Church is the newest Faith Partner in our Belfast area programs. The Midcoast Maine Regional Reentry Center residents have been doing community service for the Church, and the Church just started a Bible Study for residents.

Searsport Church often puts on dinners for the residents, especially around holiday time and hosts Easter parties and back to school parties and assistance for the children of residents.

Our seniors enjoy worship services and have made lasting friendships at both churches.

In Bangor, Terry and Cozy Hannan are Catholic lay people who come weekly to bring communion to residents of Miller Square and who also offer home cooking to those who need extra assistance.

Our founders Maud and Ballington Booth would have called these wonderful people and organizations, "God's Volunteers."

Thank you for your grace, comfort and sustenance. Truly you are among our heroes.

If you would like to be one of our Faith Partners, please contact william.browning@voanne.org or al.boyce@voanne.org