We Received Our First Engraved Brick!

Our Memorial Brick Campaign has launched cherished memories

Our Cabin in the Woods brick campaign is underway and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Today, the first brick arrived from the engravers for our approval. Appropriately, the engravers chose a Vietnam Vet's brick to send along. Once we sign off, the rest of our order will be engraved and shipped to us in the coming couple of weeks.

We decided to run a brick campaign as a way to raise funds for Cabin in the Woods construction and ongoing maintenance, but more importantly, as a way for individuals and organizations to be directly involved with the project.

"There is something so powerful about imagining my brick being part of the site, the landscape and day-to-day scenery that the Veterans will see everyday," said Tim, one of the donors who is honoring his grandfather's military service with his brick.

He echoed sentiments that we have heard from others who ordered bricks. Their stories are incredibly touching. The donors look at their brick as a wonderful way to connect the past to the future, and to support those women and men who have served.

We'll be running stories in the coming weeks and months as bricks are ordered and received and people share with us their loved ones' memories.

If you are interested in learning more about Cabin in the Woods or ordering a brick, please click here.