Our Future is Bright and Colorful

It is because of each of you that all this is possible.

Spring is officially upon us!

It is a time to begin reviewing the past year and planning for our next year. We have added a lot of new employees to the VOA family this year and we are caring for even more clients. It is heartwarming to know that more individuals have a safe and affordable HOME.

We have been asked to step up and take a leadership role in transitioning clients and employees from a struggling agency and to bring together the Veterans Services Agencies to make system wide improvements that will impact thousands of Veterans.

Our future is bright and colorful. As the flowers begin to bloom we pause to appreciate the hard work of the past year and to celebrate our successes. We also begin to look forward as we plan our groundbreaking ceremony for Cabin in the Woods – 22 cabins for homeless Veterans and their families, another 150 kids who will be attending Camp POSTCARD and the addition of new HOMES for individuals with mental illness.

It is because of each of you that all this is possible. The hard working, dedicated and compassionate team of employees who give so much and care so deeply. I encourage you this Spring to celebrate what you have accomplished together in your teams and the difference you are making. You are an amazing and beautiful group of individuals.

All my best,