Embracing the New

for the week of May 18, 2015


Another Monday’s arrival is a reminder that beginning again is within the natural cycle of our lives, providing us the opportunity to grow, change and be challenged.  As the sage, Rumi, shared: “This being human is a guest house.  Every morning a new arrival.” 
Today, we are aware of change within our lives, our homes, our work, our community, our state, the nation and the world.  Within our lives there may be changes that we are thrilled about:  perhaps a new relationship, a new home, pet, starting a health plan and so much more. May we be grateful for such opportunities and new gifts.  It is possible that we are starting something new that scares us, intimidates us and causes concern.  In all of these may we find grace.  As so many sages who have been challenged to trust when life seemed hopeless, may we view life through the lens of possibility and optimism.  When we are tempted to allow fear to arrest us, it is our prayer that we will stay the course and trust until a needed answer is found.
It is possible that we are going through changes here at Volunteers of America. Perhaps a new project, a job promotion, a different client than we have worked with before, a change in work schedule. Maybe we do not feel up to the task.  Possibly we are thrilled over a long awaited change or affirmation.  Today, here we may discover each breath to be a new beginning. Here, we may engage our world with freshness, humility and play.   What we call the beginning is often the end, yet to make and end is to make a beginning.  Oh Divine, help us to embrace our world  gratefully every day.  Despite the anxiety of new beginnings, may we never shy away from exploring and expanding our horizons, today, this week, and a life time.