for the week of June 22, 2015


Oh God,  we pause in the midst of a  difficult time for our nation as it faces the pain of racial divide.  While there are divisions nationally, we also pray for those among us.  Perhaps we are short tempered with those we love at home and at work.  If we have begun our day, or week, less that we know we can be, please help us to pause and begin Oh Great Mystery of Life, we see You.  In the newly leaved trees and bursting geranium, we see You.  In the gentle spring rain and breathtaking sunset, we see You.  In the expressions of gratitude of clients, coworkers and family, we see you.  We pause to say thank you for your visible presence all about us.

Help us, Oh God, to keep centered on love for, and service to, others this week.  May the difficulties of life not dominate our week.   If we have not lived our lives today spiritually/compassionately centered please help us to begin the day/week over again, centered in love and compassion.  While we go about our family duties, and work responsibilities, may we be aware of the power in a smile and a warm greeting.  When our team members, and families, present as stressed over deadlines and responsibilities, help us to remember a kind word of encouragement can bring joy and peace in the life of another.  Help us, each one, to pause and reflect of the goodness present in our lives with a fresh commitment to share intentional acts of kindness, to all those we encounter this day and this week.  We are grateful for your abiding grace with us reminding us to treat others as we would wish to be treated.