Camp POSTCARD Wishlist

Here's how you can help!



Every year the Camp POSTCARD team works hard to provide the necessary camping supplies to help our kids have a wonderful camping experience. A number of children arrive at camp with very little. We provide them with new items that they can use for the week and take home with them at the end of camp.

We rely on donations from supporters like you to help us meet our goals !

If you or your organization thinks that any of these items are things you would be able to donate, please let us know! Contact Michael Coon at 207-373-1140 for more info.


Miscellaneous Items

Most of our campers have never been to camp before and we provide many essential items needed to help them have an awesome week! We hand out a lot of basics such as sleeping bags, pillows and blankets as well as clothing, flip flops and tons of sneakers!

  • We always provide new clothing (such as sweat shirts, shorts, socks, underwear and swimwear), flip flops and sneakers to the kids – your help with gift cards to the following stores in amounts greater than $25 would help us to meet this need
  • Gift cards to stores: Wal-Mart / Target / TJ Maxx/Marshalls
  • 30 new medium weight sleeping bags
  • 40 new twin sized medium weight blankets
  • 20 new regular size pillow and plain pillow cases
  • 30 new pairs of assorted flip flops (small, med, large)
  • 30 new pairs of assorted sneakers (sizes 6-7-8-9-10-11)
  • Assorted new children's size (5th and 6th grade) sweatshirts (adult S work well)
  • Assorted new children's size (5th and 6th grade) tee shirts and shorts

Camper Welcome Bags & Cabin Supplies

Every cabin has general items that campers might need during the week and every camper is given a welcome bag containing hygiene supplies and camp items.

Cabin supplies:

  • 15 large bottles of bug/tick repellant (natural) – for cabin
  • 15 large bottles of sport-style sun-screen (30 SPF) – for cabin
  • 15 large boxes of Kleenex – for cabin
  • 15 large containers of Clorox wipes – for cabin
  • 15 small first aid kits – for cabin

Welcome bags:

  • 160 beach towels
  • 160 clear rain ponchos
  • 160 plastic travel soap containers with soap
  • 160 small flashlights with batteries (dollar store style)
  • 160 small shampoo
  • 160 toothbrushes/toothpaste/floss

Fishing Supplies

Our campers love to fish! We have access to a great waterfront area and many a young angler has reeled in their first "big catch" – we have a fishing tournament every year and kids get to keep their fishing rods and equipment so that they can keep fishing after camp.

  • 25 Fishing Poles and reels
  • 10 Replacement Reels
  • 100 of each – Sinkers, Swivels, Bobbers, Hooks and Lures
  • 25 containers of live night crawler bait

School Backpacks

We send our campers home with a new school backpack filled with school supplies so that they'll be ready for the new school year!

  • 160 gender generic school backpacks
  • 300 school spiral notebooks assorted colors
  • 160 school rulers
  • 50 boxes of bic blue pens
  • 50 boxes of number 2 pencils
  • 160 yellow highlighters
  • 160 packs of colored pencils

We have drop off locations around the state. Call 207.373.1140 to ask for the location nearest you, or to make a cash donation.

For more information, contact Michael Coon 207-373-1140 x214 or email