Mt Ararat High School Action Team comes to Westrum House

And the magic word is BINGO!

Earlier this week, five members of the Mt. Ararat High School Action Team brought Action Team Bingo to Westrum House, our senior housing program in Topsham.

Mt Ararat High School is across the street and a block away from Westrum House, making it a perfect spot for the students to volunteer to help out.

The students walked over after class, excited to spend time with the seniors, and to try out their new Action Team Bingo game.

For prizes, they offered Hannaford gift cards, a mug created by a Mt. Ararat art teacher, and a vintage electric pencil sharpener.

A dozen Westrum House residents gathered for the competition. With daubers at the ready, the seniors and students sat down for laughs, prizes and snacks.

Volunteers of America is so grateful to the Action Team captains of Mt. Ararat for having fun with us. We look forward to their next visit, their great energy and kind gifts.