for the week of August 31, 2015


O God, the fear to begin again, or initiate something new, has the potential of prevent us from moving forward with what we know needs to be done.  Oh God, help to face life as it is, not as we wish, to imagine, it to be.  Help us to have just enough courage to take the first step toward the goal ahead of us.  Maybe there is someone among us who has an arresting fear of beginning a new class at school, it is possible. Give them strength we pray.  It is possible that there is an employee that has a new task to undertake and finds themselves afraid of failure.  It could be a doctor visit; an uncomfortable meeting with a family member, a bill we have been avoiding, a necessary uncomfortable conversation etc.  Help us, O God, to take that first stressful step, trusting that with your help the second step will be less difficult. 

Bless our Volunteers of America family this week as we seek to live our values despite our human insecurities.  We lift our hearts in gratitude for the gift of another opportunity to engage in the joy of life and service.