prayer for our week

O God, we intentionally pause all across the affiliate this morning to reflect on the goodness and gift of life. In so doing, O God, may we not take one hour for granted, but instead, seek to live fully and engaged in hopefulness every day this week.

O, Giver of Life, give us the courage to seek balance.

When we feel fearful, may a deep settled peace abound.

When we feel lonely, may we feel the Divine presence of love.

When we feel as though we are in the midst of a storm, may we find a calm beyond imagining.

O God, we pray, that as the sun rises on a new week to dispel the darkness of another night, may we joyously rise to greet the brightness of a new day.

With eyes wide open, we welcome life this spring day with vigor and a determination to live fully by seeking balance in the way we experience life.