Attitude Adjustment

prayer for week of October 19

Oh God we come praying for a fresh approach to our daily lives, as this week begins in earnest.  If we feel frustrated with a family member please help us to see that, at least part of the problem, lies with us and our attitude.  If we are feeling overwhelmed with our work and technology, help us to see that part of the feeling has to do with our approach; help us to have the right attitude we pray.  If we feel as though we are not living up to own expectations, give us grace and patience with ourselves.  As the falling leaves and cold air visit once again, may they remind us that accepting change in nature, others, and ourselves is as natural part of the living process as breathing.  Help us embrace life with all its necessary adjustments with grace and a positive attitude.  We offer ourselves, this day, and a new week to you for blessing and opportunity.