Advent Joy

prayer for week of Dec 12

Advent Joy

As we celebrate the third week of Advent of the Christian faith by lighting the candle of Joy, O God, we begin this week by recalling the joys of our lives.

When the weather, politics, dark days, health issues, year end deadlines, and holiday preparations cause stress, let us balance them by recalling the joys of our lives.

May we intentionally recall people and events that have caused laughter and fun at home, and work, these past days, weeks and months.

O God, remind us that we have so very much to be grateful for: a good nights sleep; a warm home; food in our cupboards; the smile of children and grandchildren; loving relationships; meaningful work and the beauty of nature that reminds us there is something bigger thanour most difficult days.

O God, we pray that by being open to Joy, our perspective on life will be in balance today and all week long.


Rev. Al

Chaplain VOANNE