prayer for week of May 2

Oh God, we pray for patience and trust in You as we struggle with acceptance today.

When the job did not come through when we believed ourselves the perfect match, grant us grace to accept, and a renewed desire to continue trusting you all the same.

Perhaps the mortgage application, rental application or car loan did not go as we hoped, we pray for peace. When a conversation with the medical provider causes distress, help us to rely on your compassion to hold us in faith. Maybe, we failed in some important task and know it, and now are overcome with a sense of failure. God we pray for strength to face ourselves as we are, accept, and with your strength, evolve and become better persons. Oh God help us see Divine love all about us. Help us to see that we are loved just as we are, and your grace can provide us as deep abiding peace as we accept the difficult situations of our lives. May difficulties become stepping stones to being more well-rounded and loving people as we live a life of acceptance.


Rev. Al Boyce