A healthy mind and body

It's a good thing!

Any morning at 10AM, one thing is for sure, you will find Pat Ryan sitting in her brown chair waiting to begin Wellness Group at Sawyer Street. Always beginning with a time of meditation and moving into exercise of all sorts, Pat leads the group, never knowing who all will attend; other residents, staff, but always delighted when others join for the day.

Pat is the oldest resident at Sawyer and has been involved with the Wellness Group since she came to live at Sawyer Street in 2014. Pat is kind and thoughtful and loved by all.

She reports that daily exercise gives her confidence and helps to keep her mind and body healthy, and that any movement, really, is good for a person. She sets a great example to all, eating healthy, exercising, and sticking to a daily routine, which she says makes her happy.

When asked if she ever considers not exercising her response is “no giving up”! Pat invites you to come any day to be a part of her healthy routine.