A Different Lens

prayer for week of Apr 18

We step into another day, and week, not knowing precisely what it will hold. Yet, O God, the truth remains that You are just one prayer, one thought, one meditation away. If we face a difficult situation at work, at home, or within ourselves today. You are there to call upon for strength. When our days do not go just as we had planned help us to remember that it is OK and that just maybe that unanticipated change was best for us. When we are tempted to try to control every aspect of our day and the people in our lives, teach us to seek your wisdom and the gift of letting go of unrealistic expectations of others and ourselves.

O God, give us the gift of seeing our day through a different lens. Help us to see beauty all around us as we enter this day; the beauty of our natural world; the beauty of loving family; the beauty of service to a hurting world. May we continually experience the gift of Your presence in every encounter and interaction, and in so doing, may our worship and deep gratitude make this day, this week, sacred.


Rev. Al