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Our Services

  • Housing

    Everyone deserves a home

    To us, a home is more than just a shelter. Itʼs a foundation stone of life. Thatʼs why Volunteers of America is a leading nonprofit provider of quality affordable housing. Weʼre dedicated to empowering our residents and helping bring together the proven community resources to create safe, comfortable homes. Wherever there are people in America who need homes, weʼll be there, extending a smile and a helping hand.

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  • Veterans Services

    Serving those who served our country

    Nearly 154,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and twice as many experience homelessness during a year. In northern New England hundreds of veterans are being served at food pantries, living in shelters, in encampments, or in cars on any given night. Volunteers of America Northern New England is on the job — offering a wide range of proven services to help veterans overcome physical and mental trauma and reestablish their lives.

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  • Youth and family services

    Supporting young people and their families

    Volunteers of America Northern New England provides high quality, innovative services for disadvantaged and disconnected children and youth. Through our caring staff and dedicated volunteers we work to ensure the social, emotional and academic development of children and older youth. Our programs provide support for young people and their families through literacy, mentoring, and community engagement opportunities.

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  • Behavioral Health

    Everyone deserves to feel safe and welcomed

    A team of trained and caring staff members at each house helps residents learn to cope with the challenges of everyday living by developing daily living skills, maintaining counseling, obtaining education regarding mental illness, improving, and learning how to manage symptoms, with an individual rehabilitation and treatment plan.

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  • Community Justice

    Pioneering Successful Rehabilitative Services

    Our unique partnerships within local communities represents one of the nation's best opportunities to engage citizens in the process of offering acceptance, service and guidance to formerly incarcerated citizens. These efforts not only provide life-changing benefits for the formerly incarcerated but also make a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.

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  • Mediation Services

    transforming conflict, preserving relationships

    Mediation can help people in conflict find workable solutions quickly and affordably. Using a voluntary and affordable confidential process, neutral mediators assist partiesin communicating with each other and encourage everyone to collaboratively problem solve to find a resolution that meets everyone's needs. We also offer certification classes in mediation and advanced trainings to meet CADRES requirements

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  • Our Ministry

    providing spiritual guidance and community involvement

    Volunteers of America is an interdenominational church — a church with a distinctive ministry of service. For more than 100 years, Volunteers of America has provided essential services to heal both the body and soul. We provide human service programs and opportunities for individual and community involvement for people of all faiths.

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