Our Vision

I am deeply grateful for the tremendous amount of work our Volunteers of America Northern New England team has completed to present our two-year strategic plan: OUR VISION For Helping Those In Need! As a mission-driven, faith­ based nonprofit organization, we have always relied on our faith and our belief in human potential to guide our progress. This plan represents a thoughtful and exciting step forward for Volunteers of America Northern New England to build housing opportunities and offer social supports to fill local community needs across Northern New England.

The point of a strategic planning process is not to devise a plan. Any organization can complete a project or business plan. A mission-driven, social service organization engages in strategic planning to create dialogue, consensus, and ownership to create positive social change! The end of a strategic planning process is not to simply publish a report but to pull together all parts of an organization to improve the fabric of society. Volunteers of America has long had a mission to reach and uplift all people, to ameliorate poverty, and address social inequalities. The dedication and spirit of our staff and Board is evident in the goals we have set for ourselves over the next two years.

Click here to read the completed strategic plan.