Housing Ministries of New England supports Cabin in the Woods

Brunswick, ME; December 20, 2017 - - Volunteers of America Northern New England has received a $15,000 grant from Housing Ministries of New England in support of the Cabin in the Woods Veterans Housing program. This donation will help create a comfortable Community Center where veterans may access services and resources, meet with staff and providers, and work on achieving their goals in education, employment, healthcare, and community integration.

Cabin in the Woods provides 21 cabins (16 one-bedroom units, 5 two-bedroom units) at an 11 acre wooded site on the grounds of Togus VA Medical Center in Chelsea, Maine for Veterans who have been homeless. Veterans, men and women, are eligible for this permanent, supportive housing; children will also be able to live with parents/guardians at the program. Construction is ongoing; individuals and families are scheduled to move into Cabin in the Woods in early 2018.

The Community Center will be the hub of activity. Housing Ministries of New England is providing office furniture, high quality folding tables and chairs, computer stations, large screen TV and easy chairs. Group gatherings, meetings, trainings, one-on-one assistance, and self-advocacy will all be possible as a result of this generous donation.

Volunteers of America provides affordable and supportive housing for people living with limited incomes. In Maine, Volunteers of America operates 30 programs that provide affordable Senior Housing, Behavioral Health residences, Community Justice programs, Youth and Family Services, and Veterans Housing, including two residences in Saco and Biddeford helping Veterans in their journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency. Cabin in the Woods is the culmination of years of experience learning how to best serve Veterans having difficulty making the transition from the military to civilian life.

Housing Ministries of New England, Inc is a not-for-profit corporation founded to promote the housing and social needs of low and moderate income individuals and families through advocacy and support for quality affordable housing.

For more information about Volunteers of America and the Cabin in the Woods program, please call

373-1140 or go online https://voanne.org.