Swiss Time is sponsoring 3 Campers in 2017!

Swiss Time read about Camp POSTCARD on our website and contacted us to let us know they'd love to be a Camp sponsor. During their July "Time to Care" event, a portion of all proceeds for the month were donated to Camp. And they'll be sponsoring three campers next year!

Stephany Guyot, co owner, said, "We appreciate the courageous work you are doing by partnering with the Maine Sheriffs' Association to provide a summer program for Maine 5th and 6th graders – helping them to build relationships, learn life skills and change their perceptions of law enforcement."

Volunteers of America and the Maine Sheriffs' Association sure appreciate the work you are doing, Stephany!

You've made three future Campers very happy!

Please visit their store at 86 Exchange Street in Portland, and tell them thanks for caring!