Peaks Island Fund Awards Dinner was Amazing!

Thank you, Peak's Island Fund, for caring!

The Peaks Island Fund Awards Dinner was held August 11 on a gorgeous summer evening.

In the glow of the setting sun, Mary Toole (on the right), Committee member of the Peaks Island Fund, presented a grant award to Bill Browning and Marge Powers, Peaks Island Health Center Board Chair.

Michael Coon and Bill Browning of Volunteers of America hopped on the Casco Bay Lines Ferry last Thursday and attended the Peaks Island Fund's Annual Awards Dinner, where Volunteers of America and Peaks Island Health Center were honored with a generous grant award. A sumptuous buffet was served on the deck overlooking the ocean at the Maine 5th Regiment. It was a perfect summer evening.

Residents of Peaks Island work tirelessly to provide for their neighbors and support organizations that bring services to Peaks and other island communities. There is much to be proud of on Peaks Island.

Michael and Bill had an opportunity to meet with residents who expressed their appreciation for the affordable housing (Volunteers of America's Luther Street Houses and Fay Garman House) and other initiatives that Volunteers of America has brought to the island. "We are happy to be a part of this lovely community," said Michael, "We always feel welcome, no matter who we run into when we are visiting." Volunteers of America's Fay Garman House is known for its gardens and surrounding landscape.

The Peaks Island Fund has generously supported Volunteers of America projects over the years, including raised garden beds for vegetables, herbs and flowers at the Fay Garman House, technology improvements, and a WII Fit program for senior residents.

"The Peaks Island Health Center, which adjoins Fay Garman House, will be a more welcoming place thanks to this year's grant from the Peaks Island Fund." said Bill Browning, "With the push of a button, automatic door openers will make it easier to access the Island's only health center." And for a community that is home to seniors, parents with strollers and small children, folks in wheelchairs, and others who just don't want to deal with those big heavy doors, automatic openers are a big deal.