Old Town Elks Donate Flag and Stock Pantry at Penobscot River House

From Jennifer Roy, First Lady of the Old Town Elks:

All Members,

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, the Old Town Elks Lodge #1287 donated an American Flag with a stand to the Old Town River House which is an 80-unit independent living community that provides affordable housing for seniors and persons with disabilities. A Flag Ceremony was held in the Community Room for the residents, many of whom are Veterans. The community members whom were able to attend showed an overwhelming amount of gratitude, respect, and appreciation.

In addition, due to one Veteran who was unable to attend the service, the Elks went above and beyond once again. These dedicated

Members Paul Roy, Carroll Spencer, Bruce Gothrow, and Dick Blanchard went to his place of employment and presented to him a small American Flag. He was deeply touched and his appreciation was endearing. This is what brings a community within a community together and makes a difference in people's lives, which is what the Elks are all about.

Thank you to all that made this possible. The residents of the Penobscot River House have not stopped talking about this incredible service you have provided.

The Old Town Elks Lodge has also been very generous by providing a $200 donation for the food pantry for the Penobscot River House. No one should have to choose between food or medicine, between food or heat, or between food or transportation. For some seniors living on low fixed incomes, this choice is a daily occurrence. Food insecurity among this vulnerable population is especially troublesome because they have unique nutritional needs and may require special diets for medical conditions. The Old Town Elks Lodge #1287 has given this community more hope and security, and a sense of belonging. I want to personally say, thank you. This is why I am a proud member of the Old Town Elks Lodge #1287!

Thank you for all you do. Sometimes the only family and support you have is the community in which you live.

Jennifer is also our Old Town Office Manager! Thanks Jennifer!