Welcome to our September/October Inspire: Veterans Programs

We are excited to bring you stories and news from our Veterans Services programs.

Stories of great resilience and strength, of hope and new beginnings. Volunteers of America works hard to honor our service men and women with programs that provide shelter and assistance for those in need as they work their ways toward independence.

Focusing in on our Cabin in the Woods program is energizing all of us in Northern New England. With the final design details and site plans in place, construction is scheduled to begin early next year. This new community, unique in Maine, will bring much needed permanent housing to homeless male and female veterans and their families. Our hopes are that the project itself will bring greater awareness of veterans' concerns to a broad audience.

As you read these stories we would encourage you to join us by forwarding this newsletter to someone who might be interested. Consider volunteering, or donate to our Veterans Programs. We are working to end homelessness among veterans one step at a time. Your help will go a long way. Thank you.