Facebook: to "Like" or not to "Like"

Facebook: to like or not to like. Many of our Volunteers of America staff and friends have enjoyed our Facebook posts and have even sent in posts for us to share, but lots of folks have expressed hesitation about "liking" our page or our posts, due to privacy concerns. Here is the truth of the matter: if you have your personal page settings pointing to "only friends can see my posts," you do not have to worry about others seeing your personal posts by clicking on your name in the "Like" list on our pages https://www.facebook.com/VOA.NorthernNewEngland and https://www.facebook.com/camppostcard

If you do NOT have your settings pointing to "friends" or "only me" then anyone can see your posts anytime.

How to change your settings: In the upper right corner of your Facebook page, you will see a tiny downward pointing triangle. Click on that and a dropdown menu will appear. Scroll down to settings (about 2/3 way down the list) and click.

Now, on the left side of the page you will see an icon of a lock with the heading, "Privacy."

When you click on that, another menu pops up to the right. At the top of the list of options is, "Who can see my stuff?" It is set by default to "public" but if you click the word "edit" you can change it to "Friends" or "Only Me" You will also have the opportunity to change who can see past posts on your Timeline.

There, now your page can only be seen by friends, even if you Like our pages...so, what are you waiting for!?