l-r, standing: Sheriff Joel Merry of Sagadahoc County; Michael Coon, VP External Relations and Camp Director; June Koegel, President/CE0; Sheriff Todd Brackett of Lincoln County; Tim Holland; Karen Holland (Tim's wife); Isa Bradeen; Cherri Crockett, Tim and Karen's daughter; Christine Buchanan, Camp Director and Lieutenant Rand Maker, Lincoln County Sheriff and Camp Director.

seated: Kolton Bradeen and Abe Bradeen (Kolton and Isa's father and Little Tim's best friend)

Tim Holland, retired Oxford County Sheriff, has been a Camp POSTCARD (https://www.voanne.org/camp-postcard) Leader for 14 years. He always takes extra time to listen to the kids who might feel left out. As a School Resource Officer, he pays close attention when referring students to Camp POSTCARD to choose those who would best benefit from a Camp experience.

He is also a beloved dad and neighborhood hero.

On Thursday May 4, Tim Holland and Cherri Crockett (his daughter) presented a donation to Camp POSTCARD for $2000.00.

The money was raised through Tim's family's annual Ice Fishing Derby, benefitting Camp POSTCARD, in memory of Tim's son and Cherri's brother "Little Tim" who passed in January 2016 at the too-young age of 33 from a brain seizure. (https://www.voanne.org/stories/little-tim)

Cherri Crockett, who co-organizes the Derby, wrote to us in an email, "We're all VERY excited to be able to double last year's donation to Camp POSTCARD. Even though it was a frigid, sub-zero day out on the ice (the Derby was held March 4), we had a lot of people out supporting us, hence, we have $2,000 coming your way!"

The family and friends of Timmy Holland presented the check to Volunteers of America and to two Maine Sheriffs who support Camp POSTCARD every year: Sagadahoc Co. Sheriff Joel Merry and Lincoln Co. Sheriff Todd Brackett.

Timmy's good friend Abe Bradeen, who brought his two sons to the check presentation, said it best, "Timmy didn't need kids because he had everyone else's". Abe's sons Isa and Kolton said, "We miss him every day."

We are all very grateful to the Tim Holland family and their many friends and supporters who believe in Camp POSTCARD and the opportunity it provides for Maine children. Timmy Holland will always be a presence at Camp POSTCARD.

Volunteers of America staff, the Holland family and their friends, and special guests (including Sheriff Joel Merry from Sagadahoc County, and Todd Brackett form Lincoln County) gathered in our conference room for the check presentation, ate brownies and talked about this year's plans for Camp.

"We can hardly wait!" they all said.

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