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Meet the Ministry Team

Volunteers of America is a faith-based organization that honors the diversity of all religious and non-religious folks. As a church, we seek to meet the spiritual needs of clients, staff, and volunteers. Any staff member may become a minister. Our current ministry staff includes:

Ministry Team

  • Al Boyce, Chaplain 

    After 35 years as an evangelical minister, Al attended Harvard Divinity School and became a Unitarian Universalist minister. Before coming to Volunteers of America, he served as parish minister in Chester Depot, Vermont; founded a Unitarian Universalist parish in downtown Miami, Florida; and served the Plainfield, New Jersey Unitarian Universalist congregation. Today, when not chaplain for Volunteers of America, he serves as clinical Coordinator for a mental health agency, while pursuing a Phd in Psychology. He and his partner live between Vassalboro and Camden. Al's son and 3 grandchildren live in Northern Maine.

  • Michael Coon, Vice President External Relations

    Michael, who is a commissioned minister, started in the IT field in 1979, when a "smart phone" was considered one that didn't tangle the cord. After working for Fortune 500 companies in the New York City area for most of his career, Michael decided to change gears several years ago and move to Maine when he became part of the VOA family. He feels he was called to serve as a minister for VOA through his experience as a parent.

  • Michael Merrill, Manager Veterans Programs

    Mike has been with Volunteers of America since 2007 and believes his strong faith brought him to Volunteers of America as a way “to pay forward the kindness God has so graciously bestowed on him." He is a former U.S. Marine and church youth group leader, and was commissioned as a minister in 2013 and ordained in 2015. He currently serves in the Maine Army National Guard. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and playing musical instruments.

  • Tom Kircher, Assistant Chaplain

    Tom is a non-denominational interfaith chaplain at Volunteers of America Northern New England. His academic training and ordination is through the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME), and his clinical training was done with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.  He supports programs throughout the affiliate, but most of his work is done in the southern part of the state.  He is a regular visitor at Volunteers of America's group homes and residential communities, facilitating small group discussions and meeting with individuals as needs arise. Tom has been working at Volunteers of America as chaplain intern, clinical trainee, and currently Assistant Chaplain for approximately two and a half-years.  Tom lives in Biddeford with his wife, where you can find them most mornings walking with their dog on one of the town’s beautiful beaches.