Mediation Services

Effective October 2018, Volunteers of America Northern New England closed its doors for any new efforts within the Community Mediation Services (CMS) program.  

The mission of CMS was to help people, groups and communities resolve conflicts through offering a safe environment for people to talk, to define issues leading to improved communication, taking responsibility for the resolution of their disputes and controlling its outcome, and offering conflict resolution and mediation training.  

Volunteers of America managed a successful mediation program since 2009, but after the sudden loss of our excellent Program Director, Elaine Bourne, in August 2018, we came to the recognition that to continue to hold this program would require a substantial reframing and rebuilding for which we lacked capacity.  Our decision was not made lightly and we worked closely with the local mediation community to provide the support and the historical work necessary for other community stakeholders to re-establishing these service in Maine.

The community collaboration prompted a new nonprofit called Family and Community Mediation.  Although Family and Community Mediation is still working to get fully established, anyone needing information about Community Mediation Services, volunteer opportunities or training information can contact them at  or (207) 632-1111.

In the near future, you can learn more about them on the Family and Community Mediation website, 

Learn more about the Domestic Violence Screening Mediation Training taking place on April 30, 2019 in Topsham, Maine. Click here or contact Karen Groat at (207) 632-1111 to register or with questions.