Community Mediation Services

Transforming Conflict. Rebuilding Relationships.

We provide mediation services, a form of alternative dispute resolution in which trained, impartial mediators help two or more parties resolve their differences and negotiate a fair agreement.

We can help with most disputes involving friends or family; neighbors; employees or management; customers, clients, or vendors; landlords or housing authorities; businesses or other organizations; people in your school; farmers; lending institutions and more. Our services are non-binding, confidential and affordable.

01dbe3b9-19ba-4128-8a96-671e6fc8a50d.jpg "Volunteers of America's services saved our farm and our family. The skillful and compassionate mediators helped us through a very difficult time with grace and empathy."

At Volunteers of America Northern New England, we offer mediation trainings as well as a variety of mediation and facilitation services for families, businesses, and more. Our services are non-binding, confidential and affordable. For more information, please email us at